BREAKING: Group of ISIS Found in Surprise US State. BE ON ALERT.

The forces of global terrorism are spreading into our local communities. We must remain vigilant and protect ourselves from the now internal threat.

Two men from Florida have entered guilty pleas for “conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State” for assisting a friend in his attempt travel to Syria to join ISIS. The friend’s trial is scheduled in October, via Department of Justice.

Dayne Antani Christian and Darren Arness Jackson, known by their aliases Shakur and Daoud respectively, are both U.S. citizens. They are both followers of ISIS, and they aided in the recruitment and training of Gregory Hubbard or Jibreel.

All three of the men have been in police custody since their arrest last July.

The three men were discovered by an FBI confidential human source or undercover agent. The FBI agent recounted to the court how the men expressed desires to commit attacks like the San Bernardino shooting.

Jackson drove Hubbard and the FBI agent to the airport. Hubbard had purchased a flight to Germany with the intent of traveling via train to Turkey where he could cross into Syria and join ISIS.

Dayne Christian did not travel with the other men to the airport, but he was arrested at his place of work in Palm County. Christian was charged with multiple counts of unlawful possession of a firearm as a felon in addition to providing support for ISIS.

Christian and Jackson admitted they also had plans to eventually travel to Syria and join ISIS. The men would frequently celebrate terrorist attacks undertaken by ISIS with Hubbard and the FBI informant.

The FBI agent would travel with the men to visit remote locations in Florida where they practiced shooting with Ak-47 style rifles and automatic pistols. Jackson and Christian both face up to 20 years in prison for attempting to provide personnel to ISIS, and Christian faces an additional 10 years for illegal possession of a firearm. Christian provided the weapons used in the group’s training sessions.

Americans have been attempting to join ISIS at an alarming rate, which signals the power of the propaganda network operated by the terrorist network. ISIS also relies on mosques established across the world to begin the radicalization process.

We are lucky the FBI was able to discover these men and direct their energies away from staging a violent attack in the United States.

We must remain alert at all times in the battle against the invading forces of radical Islam.

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