BREAKING: New Orleans Mayor About To Head To PRISON After What Was Just Discovered After Ripping Down Confederate Monuments

A group of Antifa vandals claims that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu contracted them to spray-painted Confederate monuments this week. Two Confederate monuments in the city of New Orleans were hit by vandals as a result – a statue of General Albert Pike and plaque honoring Abram J. Ryan, a Confederate poet and priest – on Tuesday.

These communists and fascists used red spray paint to leave derogatory messages with Pike and scrawled anarchist signs on Ryan’s memorial. According to local news affiliate WDSU, the Antifa group that identified themselves only as “The Real Meow Meow Liberation Front – Professional Party Planning Committee” left a note imploring people to use chisels and hammers to deface the historic structures. They were “kind” enough to provide chisel and hammer as well.

Their odious diatribe calling out Mayor Mitch Landrieu states –

“Tired of the smoke and mirrors of the city’s earlier removals, Mitch contracted us to help arrange a more participatory spectacle for the removal of the remainder of the cities more odious monuments. Ergo, we have provided hammers and chisels for your pleasure, brought to you with just a teensy bit of embezzled tax dollars. So come one, come all! Take a few whacks! Carve your name! Chisel a penis! Mind the wet paint and have fun!

P.S. Mitch also asked that we dedicate this carnival of iconoclasm to Turtle Island’s newest revolutionary formation: the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. So let’s burn down the American Plantation together!”

This was printed on flyers and left at the site. WDSU reporter Casey Ferrand posted to Twitter that “one resident says one of the flyers flew into his front lawn.” The man did not want to be identified, but told Ferrand “he fears for the safety of his family,” she posted.

What makes this act of vandalism even more atrocious is that it occurred just days after the city completed the removal of four Confederate monuments over the last several weeks. The fight to retain our history is being waged on the front lines in New Orleans. Antifa has made it their business to insert themselves into an extremely tense situation and perhaps with the blessing of New Orleans leadership Mitch Landrieu. Landrieu has drug this issue through court causing massive rifts within the community.

Now, this Antifa group has come forward claiming connections to Landrieu that, of course, Landrieu vehemently denies. Local NOLA news affiliate WGNO reports the same note was posted anonymously to the known Antifa website “It’s Going Down.” The site itself claims to be a “digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.”

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