BREAKING: The Shooter Who SHOT Trump Yesterday Was On Obama’s Payroll

Reports out of Fort Lauderdale are making it clear that simply like each time something shocking occurs in America, President Obama is to be faulted. This time, a shooter with a Hispanic name shot and killed no less than 5 individuals and injured no less than 8 others.

The untrustworthy media has officially detailed the shooter’s name and age, Estaban Santiago, 26, yet declines to note that as a Hispanic man who flew into Broward County, Florida, he no doubt voted fHillaryary Clinton. They could affirm, nonetheless, that the man was going with documentation that he was, truth be told, on Obama’s finance. That may imply that his Hispanic name could be a cover and that he may really be an individual from the Muslim Brotherhood.

His correct part isn’t yet known, as this is a creating story, yet one thing is clear: This is, point of fact, All Obama’s blame.

Obama and Slick Willie discuss which one will assume the fault for the Fort Lauderdale shooting.

This occurrence might be the central component for Donald Trump to procure Barack Obama to be his new Czar of Professional Blame. We’ve detested him for so long that it won’t be quite a bit of an extend to keep faulting the slip-ups of the general population we choose on him for no less than a couple of more years. That way his better half and Mother-In-Law can likewise keep their administration benefits and he can keep getting a charge out of tee times at his most loved Washington greens.

The cost to the citizens would be definitely justified even despite the accommodation of having somebody no preservationist will ever like — which has nothing to do with the shade of his skin — to assume the fault and apologize at whatever point we need.

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