JUST IN: Our President Needs The USA’s Support More Than Ever

We must show him some support.

According to BornToBeRight:

Democrats have been attacking President Donald Trump ever since he won the elections. They have tried everything to show in a negative light to the public. However, nothing seems to work.

 Recently, the Democrats have joined forces in order to sue the President in federal court claiming he has been accepting foreign money through his organization without any approval of the Congress. The complaint was signed by 196 lawmakers, which is the first time that many lawmakers signed on to sue the President. It looks like they can not accept the fact that they lost the elections.

It seems like the very favorite pass time of liberals around the country is to think of new ways to harras and impede the President and his progress in office. The made up scandals, shooting down the reputation of his cabinet members, taking cheap shots at his family and tying him up in legal troubles never seem to end with these people.

It should have been enough that he won the election and he’s trying to right the ship that Obama left him with, but apparently, those who didn’t vote for him are holding a pretty big grudge. The President has enough problems to deal with on a day to day basis with this whole, running the free world thing, and now they’re just bogging him down with their petty grievances.

The President’s now been further inhibited by what the Democrats are laying on him. His office is once again going to be tied up with petty litigation now that the Democrats think they’ve got something that they can pin on him. This pathetic attempt to neutralize a President that they don’t like is pathetic, but it seems that they’re determined to persist.

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