Shooting Takes Place At UPS

It is bad day for USA.

According to World Politicus:

Today was a tragic day for the United States. What was supposed to be a day filled with joy for many practicing for the congressional baseball game turned to horror when a gunman opened fire, hitting Steve Scalise and 3 others.

This was hard to see considering they were doing something so trivial. But this is the point to which this country has gotten to. Liberals are willing to do just about anything in order to hurt President Trump. Now there has been yet another shooting, this time in San Francisco.

It happened at a UPS facility where employees were working at the time. It is sad to see something like this happen and we definitely see it too much. Something needs to be done in order to better educate people on how to react to this sort of tragedy.

For everyone involved in the shooting, it was a very terrifying experience. One woman named Michelle talked about what happened.

“I was confused. They crossed the street and when they got to me, they said, ‘Run, there is a shooter,’ so I started to run with them,” she explained. “Several of them said it was a driver they worked with who had a gun and opened fire. I feel terrible for the people hurt and for the UPS team that was there but survived.”

Another witness said, “I peeked out the window,” he said. “I saw people getting out of the building, and they were wounded. A lot of people were running.”

The official Twitter account of UPS came out with a statement.

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