SPECIAL REPORT: Nancy Pelosi’s Replacement is Announced Today At The White House

Will we get rid of HER ?

According to FreedomCrossRoads:

Nancy Pelosi will have to take an extensive leave from the government to recover from a psychotic break that ended in a heart attack that will have her doing physical rehab in addition to psychiatric conditioning.

California law allows her to be away from her post until the date of her next primary when she must be able to perform her duties to defend her seat.

In absentia, Governor Brown has appointed liberal activist and movie star Elizabeth Banks, who was a major force behind the Clinton campaign. This could be her way to get into the political arena to take on the legacy of Hillary Clinton and make a run for Pennsylvania Avenue.

She will spend her time until May of 2018 as an acting representative for the state of California by Gubernatorial Decree. If Pelosi can’t resume by then, Banks will become the full-time representative to defend the seat.

Banks couldn’t be reached for a statement but her new Chief of Staff, Rebecca Mitchell, said that “while she hopes Nancy will make a full recovery, she looks forward to using the two things no Republican has to reach the people: Personality and charm.”

It doesn’t seem like the new Congresswoman wants to play nice with others.

I think this is the right time to FIRE this Woman…

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