UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi’s Son Connected To FIVE Other MURDERS

The word descending from the Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico is that Nancy Pelosi’s child, Johnathon, is currently the individual of enthusiasm for no less than 5 missing people swung to murder cases backpedaling 15 years. Johnathon, 42, was imprisoned yesterday to murder a youth baseball umpire with a homerun stick.

“That sort of conduct is hard to neglect. When somebody feels great executing somebody Negan style you start to think you might need to do some foundation. We did a full history and cross-referenced it with the national miussing people and frosty case database and got a few hits. For reasons unknown, Johnathon has been occupied.”

Operator Nibble couldn’t intricate so ahead of schedule in the examination however he said it doesn’t resemble the culprit is escaping with this one. Johnathon stays in care at the Orange County imprison without safeguard. His initially hearing will be hung on Tuesday morning.

Nancy Pelosi’s office hasn’t had much to say in regards to the activities of her deadly child other than to deny his reality by any means.

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