WATCH: If This Video From Julian Assange Spreads, Democrats Will Be CRUSHED Forever

Liberals, pouting over their election defeat, have tried to promote the idea that their movement is outside the “norm,” but, in reality, they have become the norm.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, shared a video on social media from Paul Joseph Watson, aka PrisonPlanet on Twitter, that has one message for liberals: conservatism is the new counter-culture.

This statement has “triggered” the liberals, who screech hastily looked over arguments that stem from the lies of the liberal media, which bloat out every lie the Democrats want them to tell.

Liberals claim to be “tolerant,” unlike the “hateful right,” but the opposite is true. They are basically the Puritans of the modern age, burning witches and crying for death — only the witches of today’s day in age are conservatives.

Actors who refuse to assimilate to the close-minded liberal culture are boycotted and scorned until they no longer have a career, and any regular joe on the street who tries to protest the left’s actions is physically attacked. As Watson stated, “They’re all for diversity until it comes to diversity of thought.”

When it comes to original thought, celebrities are impeccably boring — it’s all about having the best and craziest outfits and having no differences of opinion. Why scream anything at all when your outfit is doing all the screaming for you? How dare anyone have an independent thought.

That’s why conservatism has become a counter-culture, the underground! Everyone and their mother are liberal whiners, all content to scream about gun control, cultural appropriation, and their “feelings.” And then, bang! In come the conservatives!

We are defectors from the spoon-fed lies of the press, from the hacked elections of the over-coiffed politicians, and from the flashy political opinions of TV stars and singers. We are shattering the norms, and the liberals cannot stand it.

Liberalism was the “counter-culture” only when the right was in political power, but during Obama’s eight long years of misery, they became the norm, with their fanatical dedication to far left policies that were no different from any other liberal in America. To balance, conservatism rose as a counter-culture.

And we still hold this status, as the liberals fight to maintain power in the government even though a Republican is in the White House. We are still fighting, still rising up, and breaking norms with Donald Trump as our president. And we have to continue to do so!

Our voices deserve to be heard — diversity is one of the best things about this country, and the liberals seek to destroy it. This is why Assange shared this video — to open up the eyes of the American people, especially liberals, to the truth: we are the counter-culture now.

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