WATCH: Look What Obama Did to Police Just Before Leaving Office. Deport Him!

Obama, while president, was more focused on protecting refugees and illegals than We the People, especially cops. What police officers are having to deal with is shocking!

This video depicts a young man verbally assaulting police officers while filming, cussing at them and calling them “pigs” to get a rise out of them. The officers, of course, remained professional throughout the abuse.

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Posted by Freedom Daily on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Actions like those from this punk are exactly what Obama brought to this country — a society that thinks it’s okay to disrespect police officers who are merely doing their jobs to protect their communities.

We have groups like Black Lives Matter, a basically racist group whose mission is to attack and kill police officers and white Americans in general. They claim this isn’t their purpose, yet the people rioting in the street under this movement’s umbrella are screaming those exact same threats.

Whatever happened to Americans who would treat police officers with respect when they were being approached or questioned by them?

If this young man doesn’t want to be near American police officers, then he is more than welcome to leave. Obama and the rest of the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for police officers except make their jobs more dangerous and difficult.

It seems like every day there is a report of a police officer being attacked or killed — not from liberal media, of course. They ONLY report on anything that might indicate cops being at “fault” in the altercations that come with the job — even when they lose their lives.

Police officers put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniform, and when they kiss their families goodbye, they do so knowing it could be the last time they ever see them again. The fact should at least earn them a shred of gratitude from the populace, even liberals.

In that uniform, they are human beings, not emotionless robots. They are living, breathing, human beings, and anyone who would wish harm to them just because of their uniform is truly horrendous and should be thrown into a prison cell.

Obama should have looked out for the American people more than he did. Instead, he did all he could to ruin this country and then continue his regime through Hillary Clinton, but the American people spoke up and elected for real change.

Trump cares about all of the American people — from citizens to soldiers and veterans to our police officers. During his campaign, he sincerely thanked every police officer assigned to protect him whereas Clinton treated them like trash. He is calling for cops to be protected, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

God bless our police officers and God bless Donald Trump because both are working every day to making America safe and great again. The liberals can whine, complain, and film all they want, but we will be standing by our men and women in blue. It’s about time someone did.

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