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Bill Clinton Loses It In Interview-Admits He’s A Murderer, Calls Obama ‘N****r’

Acording to OurLandOfTheFree :

Bill Clinton taped an interview with The View this morning for broadcast on Monday, but producers of the show are considering nixing the whole thing. According to Billy Barrington, the show’s junior producer:

“President Clinton was in rare form this morning. It’s almost like as he gets older he thinks he’s more invincible. He’ll just say anything.”
During a moment when laughter was making its way around the table about the “absurdity” of the list of people killed by or because of the Clintons, Slick Willy said with a belly full of laughter:

“I mean…If you’re the most powerful guy in the world and you need to disapear a few people, you should be able to, don’t you think?’
As he kept laughing the mood in the room became somber. Whoopi Goldberg, sensing her show was in danger of becoming the place where Bill Clinton finally has his psychotic break, tried to change the subject, moving on to the public’s view of Obama. Clinton’s remarks about the traitor were:

“Barack is a genuinely good guy. People just couldn’t see past…excuse my French…’n*gger.’ When you get talking to him you realize that this man who runs our country isn’t just dark-skinned, he’s black. He participated. He sounds like a black man. To far too many people, that screams ‘n*gger.’ We can’t have that in the White House, can we?”

When Goldberg called him on the language, he assured her that as far as he’s concerned, people are people and as blacks go, He thinks Obama is one of the best ones. “He’s Ma Nigga,” Clinton joked. Whoopi cracked a smile and the audience got it, but the party wanted nothing to do with it at this point and the entire production was shut down and re-staged with Ben Affleck as the guest to be shot live Monday morning.

LOTF psychological correspondent in the field Lucinda Van Pelt told us that Clinton’s state of mind to be able to say those things has to be nearing an end game scenario:

“Bill Clinton is either not well physically or mentally. If he’s physically failing, his behavior would support someone who knows their time is near. If he’s not physically failing, he’s losing it. He’s forgetting that there’s enough info in his brain to put Hillary and Chelsea both away for life.”

Hopefully, if he is dying, he’ll hit us with a deathbed confession of all the people he killed.

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