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BREAKING: Washington Governor Just Defied Trump’s Orders! See Him Turn His Back On His Country!

According to UsaPoliticsToday :

Washington has now become the first sanctuary state after Governor Jay Inslee signed an Executive Order stopping Trump’s travel ban from being enforced.

His order prevents state agencies from discriminating or refusing services to people that live in the United States illegally.

Yes, you read that correctly.

He also blocked the Washington State Patrol and Department of Corrections for detaining someone based on them being in the country illegally.

Basically, he just allowed illegal immigration in Washington and now they can’t deport them if they enter our country illegally and get to Washington.

When on earth did we stop enforcing the border laws of this country?

Via The Hill:

“This executive order makes clear that Washington will not be a willing participant in promoting or carrying out mean-spirited policies that break up families and compromise our national security and, importantly, our community safety,” Inslee said at a press conference Thursday.

Governor Inslee just turned his back on his country because now Washington is free game for anyone trying to enter our country illegally now!

This order cannot be allowed to stand! It impacts the entire country, not just Washington!

Share this everywhere to help stop terrorists from getting into our country!

H/T The Hill

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