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Clintons Connected With NEW Mysterious Death

We’ve been long warned of the “mysterious” deaths that occurred at the same time Hillary Clinton faced serious threats of being exposed. So many people died in this period, and it seems like all these deaths went in favor of Hillary.

Remember John Ashe? He died mysteriously, and his death occurred right before his testifying in a major case. Ashe faced serious bribery charges. He would’ve confirmed the “friendship” between the Clintons and Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese businessman. Send was also accused of smuggling $4.5 billion in the country. He needed the money to buy a property.

According to the UN General Assembly president Mogens Lykketoft, Ashe died of heart attack. However, the police in Westchester County said that Ashe died of asphyxiation.

His family had found him passed out in several occasions, and didn’t know the real cause of this.

Ashe’s attorney said that he “was a loving a devoted family man who had every reason to fight this and to live.”

Why was Ashe so dangerous? He could’ve prove that the Clintons did dirty corrupted business with China.

Sanjay Valvani died in the same week. He was also charged of insider trading. Valvani initially turned himself, which is a proof that he was willing to “talk.” Well, he actually committed suicide. Really?! This is way too convenient for the Clintons.

Peter Schweizer wrote a lot about the Clinton family in his book Clinton Cash. The book turned out to be a bestseller, and it’s sort of a diary for all the corruption-related crimes the Clintons did.

But, liberals will never say that Hillary was a corrupted person. For them, she’s the absolute “legitimate” president. Yeah, right.

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