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FBI REPORTS: The Murderer of Steve Scalise is Connected To BIG Democrat

Fbi Reports that there is some connection between this democrat.

According to RedState:

We have news regarding the shooter who attacked Rep. Steve Scalise, congressional aides, and police officers who were on the scene.

The Washington Post has learned that the man who stalked the congressional baseball practice before opening fire was named James T. Hodgkinson, and he was a resident of Belleville, Illinois. Shockingly, Bernie Sanders just confirmed that the shooter volunteered for his campaign!

Also, per Hodgkinson’s Facebook page, he has said horrible things like “It’s time to destroy Trump and Co.” (via RedState)

It seemed clear from the beginning that political motive existed for this attack, and now it appears to STRICTLY an attack due to political beliefs. SITUATIONS LIKE THIS show why we need to worry about the Left and their radical ideology. At the end of the day, some will try to commit MURDER for not believing like they do — much like Muslim extremists that they support.

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