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Sean Hannity Facing Similar Fate As Bill O’Reilly

Some things do not fix themselves. Fox News is one of those things. The network, which was once so trusted by conservatives around the country, is slowly dying. As of right now, they have done nothing to stop the bleeding. And really, these are mostly self-inflicted wounds that they are dealing.

First they get rid of Roger Ailes in a move that sent shockwaves throughout the company. Then the next major firing was Bill O’Reilly. This was a doozy. After this, the company started going downhill very fast and they did not have a backup plan.

Something needs to be done if they want to continue at all. It looks like their ratings have plummeted and they are losing revenue everywhere. This has come, in part, from the liberals that started attack Bill O’Reilly in the first place. This was an organized attack against the man that provided the No Spin News every night. But now he is gone, and with him, Fox News.

So you are probably thinking, “Well, surely they can come back from one firing, right?” Don’t be so sure. Things have been snowballing and at this point, it would be surprising to see them compete with the liberal outlets.

Sean Hannity, their other superstar, is now under attack from the same liberal forces that brought Bill O’Reilly down. There are now several different advertisers that have pulled ads from his show. This sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Bill O’Reilly came to Hannity’s defense.

“So Sean Hannity now is getting hammered. They go after sponsors, they pay people to demonstrate, they pay people to lie, they being this organized far-left progressive cabal,” O’Reilly explained.

“We’ll name them. You know, we’re working at it. It’ll happen. But I think everybody knows it’s happening now. Certainly Hannity has said quite clearly that they’re trying to destroy him, and he’s right. They are,” O’Reilly went on.

Hopefully the truth comes out soon.

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