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Shaq Supports President Trump

The brilliant Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic star Shaquille O’Neal is different than other celebrities. He knows real values, and knows that President Trump is the real man to lead our country. Shaq showed full support for President Trump, and told liberals to keep their mind open. Now the basketball player expressed his support for the President again, and slammed the liberal “comedy” host.

We bet that nobody expected him to say anything like this back in November. “Now that he’s president-elect, you just hope that he can make the world a better place. He won fair and square. We have to give him a chance. There’s no need talking about recounts and this and that,” Shaq said.

The star visited the Turner 2017 Upfront event. Samantha Bee was also there, and you can already guess the further development of events. When asked about his opinion regarding the President, Shaq said, “We voted, so there’s no need to waste time complaining. The man ‘won,’ apparently fair and square, so we need to give him a shot.”

Well, Bee didn’t like any of Shaq’s comments, and said that she’d go “as hard as humanly possible on this President.” Can you believe this? But, we definitely like the way Shaq supported President Trump. Other celebrities should follow his example, that’s a sure bet.

What do you think about the comments Shaq made? Do you agree with him? How would you describe Bee’s “patriotism?”

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